Rules & Regulations

In order to harmonize racing in Europe, the FISD imposes some general and technical rules to its members (organizers and drivers).

For FISD races (Coupe d’Europe and European Championship) the organizer and driver of race must comply with the rules and regulations of which the latest and actual version are available on this page.

Organizers or drivers whom which not to follow the rules can use these as a guideline for events which are not chaperoned by the FISD.

Minutes of last FISD meeting

Meeting bureau FISD November 2023: Français Deutsch English

General Regulations

Pilots charter: Français Deutsch Italiano Español

General race regulations (2023 update): Français Deutsch 

European Championship Organizer requirements: ( 2024 update)Français Deutsch 

Coupe d’europe Organizer requirements:  Français Deutsch Español

Statute FISD: Français Deutsch

Technical Rules

General technical rules for all categories (2024 update): Français Deutsch Italiano English Español

C1-C4 Single seater construction (2019 update): Français Deutsch Italiano English Español

C5       Sidecar construction (2022 update): Français Deutsch Italiano Español 

C6       Bobcar construction (2017 update): Français Deutsch Italiano English Español

C7       Carreoli construction (2019 update): Français Deutsch Italiano Español

C8       Kart (update 2023, to be confirmed for 2024):Francais English Deutsch Italiano 

C9       Junior kart (2024 update): :Francais English Deutsch Italiano 

C10     Skeleton construction (2016 update): Français Deutsch Italiano Español