Here you can register for a FISD pilot licence, register you vehicle an register for the European Championship.

After registration you will recieve an email with instructions on the fee to be payed to your national comitee.

Best use Chrome Browser with a Google/Gmail account as you will need to upload a picture.

Register for a FISD licence

01/03/2024: Licence registration is operational.

A FISD licence is required for:

– participation at the European championship

– being classified in the Coupe d’europe

The FISD licence is valid for 1 driver during 1 year and should be renewed every year before the seasons start.

Alternative you can use the link below (but still need a Google/Gmail account).


Request certificate of conformity / Carte grise

01/03/2024: Operational.

Here you can request your vehicle registration document.

The main objective is to register who is the owner of the vehicle. Registration will remain fully digital (no paper will be given any more).

The existing documents remain valid till the end date of the paper document. For digital documents (from 2022) this is 6 years.

Please fill in the form and add a recent picture of your gravity racer.

Every vehicle participating to FISD races have to be registred.

Alternative you can use the link below:

EC / EM Belleveau (Belgium)

4EC / EM Registration will take place from 01/05/2024 till 15/06/2023

Alternative you can use the link below: