Updated 22/05/2022

The FISD “parents” the races on the international racing level in Europe.

European Championship

Location: Freital Germany

Date: 28-31/07/2022

Information(PDF): Français Deutsch

Race and event information:

Registration: from 01/05/2022: HERE

The official timekeeper for the race is T-Base.  Live results will be running only during one day:

Coupe d'Europe (2022)

– Bellevaux (Belgium) 28-29/05/2022

Registration document: Word document  / PDF document

Send the completed form to the organizer:

Valmorel (France) 16-17/07/2022  (cancelled)

– Valdoviño (Spain) 13-14/08/2022

– Viu (Italy) 27-28/08/2022


Non FISD races

  • Czech Republic:
  • France:
  • Belgium:
  • Italy:
    • 4-5/06/2022  Rivalta : Link
    • 2-3/07/2022 Manno di Toano: Link
  • Spain:
  • Switzerland:

Tough the FISD does not impose rules and regulations for races on national level, an organizer or member can have their race mentioned in this section for additonal publicity. Would you like to have you race(-calendar) mentioned in this section, please send an email to