Dear participants of the European Championship (ECS),


As advised the available surface at the ECS camping will be somewhat limited. This is the reason why the allocation of surfaces will be organized so that there is room for everyone. We therefore ask you to follow the instructions of the staff of the ECS organization. Fields delimited by resident will be prepared for this purpose. There is a risk that vehicles and trailers will not be placed near the tents for everyone.


Also we would like to make you aware of the opening hours of the reception and the campsite. This is from 7.30 to 22.00 o'clock. Outside of these hours it will not be possible to access the campsite with any type of vehicle at the campsite. We ask that you organize your arrival time according to these hours.


We kindly ask you to come to the ECS knowingly and adopt an adequate attitude towards the situation and the people who will give you instructions. With the necessary common sense we are convinced that this year we will also have a superb European championship.